Becoming An Operator

With fares up to £50 - taxi operators

When a customer inputs their travel requirements into the top 5 prices, contact details of the most competitive and suitable operators are shown instantly. Customers receive these estimated instant prices direct to their smartphone or tablet by downloading the free app. They can also receive these prices via their laptops and desktops. These fares are calculated using google maps and the rates you, the operator submits when setting up your account. The customer then chooses which provider to use and calls them. It is then over to you the operator to take the booking and carry out the job.

When a customer receives the instant estimated prices up to £50 your company name and contact details will be clearly visible to the customer, if you're price is in the top 5 prices. A rating of your services will also be visible. Your rating is put together using the reviews given by previous customers who have used your services. You can improve your rating over time by providing excellent customer service.

Work that is £51 and over – taxi and coach operators

When a job is estimated to be over £50 an e-mail is sent to the most suitable operators in both pickup and drop off postcode areas, giving basic job information including date, time, number of passengers, type of vehicle required, luggage requirements, child seats, any special requirements. Then the operator has the opportunity to submit their best price for that job. A time limit is set by the customer, so be aware that all bids must be submitted by the deadline; otherwise your price will not be valid. The top 5 prices will then be sent to the customer's account for their consideration. If the customer accepts your bid and wishes to book with you then you will be informed by via e-mail and by notification in your account. Response time limit is set by the customer which ranges from one hour to one week.

Once you have accepted the booking request you will be required to pay 5% plus vat of the total fare using our taxi / coach credits system before you can view the name, contact details and exact pickup and drop off addresses.

Payment is made through this site using pay pal or if you do not have a pay pal account you can pay by card. Once you have paid through the taxi / coach credits system you will receive full job details. At this stage you confirm the booking with the customer through Once you have paid and confirmed the job you are then free to contact the customer direct.

If after accepting a booking the customer wants to cancel they may do this via their customer account. Cancellation e-mail will be sent to the operator and If this does happen then the operator is entitled to receive a refund of the taxi / coach credits that were paid for this job, but only if it are cancelled via the website. Once the job has been cancelled will refund the 5% plus vat to the operator in taxi / coach credits direct to their account.

There is a limit on how many jobs can be cancelled by one account holder. Once this limit has been reached will investigate and if necessary suspend the customer / operator account if necessary.

As operators ourselves we have often wanted to bid for jobs coming to our operating area as well as going from our operating area. Well with you can. When a customers basic job information is sent to you, you will notice the pickup and drop off postcodes. These postcodes and basic job information is sent to operators who cover both pickup and drop off postcodes. Using these postcodes you can bid for work not only from your own area but you can also bid for work coming to your area from all parts of the UK

There is no monthly subscription with, you simply pay as you go. If you do not want to bid for work over £50 you can still register and your details will still be given with fares up to £50 it is only with work over £50 that you would be required to pay.

Happy bidding!